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AIT Lecture: Software Architecture Design

Software Architecture Design

Instructor: Matthew Dailey

Course Description
Software architects building complex systems must create the illusion of simplicity through decomposition, abstraction, and encapsulation of functionality.

In Software Architecture Design, we focus primarily on software architecture "in the large," at the level of the enterprise, in which multiple applications must work together to support or automate business processes through concurrent access to large amounts of complex persistent data.

We study the design and implementation of large-scale enterprise information system infrastructures, enterprise application integration, and the modern distributed systems middleware technologies necessary to support enterprise application development.

Students taking the course will learn industry best practices through study of architectural design patterns and put the principles to practice by designing and constructing an architectural prototype for a significant real-world software project.

Status : Completed
Date Broadcasted: Mar 29 2011, 15:00 Asia/Bangkok
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Est. Running time: 120 mins
Broadcast Table of Contents

Software Architecture Design Course
by Matthew Dailey

15:00 (GMT+7) Enterprise Application Middleware: Concurrency

15:50 (GMT+7) Enterprise Application Middleware: Transaction (1)