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ASCS, NetFPGA, Mathematic

19th Asian School on Computer Science
AIT, Bangkok, Thailand
November 16-17, 2008

The Asian School on Computer Science (ASCS) is conducted annually by Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. The purpose of the school is to provide short courses conducted by leading experts in the computer science fields enabling local participations from the Asia Pacific region.

NetFPGA Tutorial in Seoul, 2009
Seoul National University, Korea
February 25-26 2009

An open platform called the NetFPGA has been developed at Stanford University. The NetFPGA platform enables researchers and instructors to build high-speed, hardware- accelerated networking systems. The platform can be used in the classroom to teach students how to build Ethernet switches and Internet Protocol (IP) routers using hardware rather than software and can be used by researchers to prototype advanced services for next-generation networks. By using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), the NetFPGA enables new types of packet routing circuits to be implemented and detailed measurements of network traffic to be obtained. During the tutorial, we will use the NetFPGA to determine the amount of memory needed to buffer TCP/IP data streaming through the Gigabit/second router. Hardware circuits within the NetFPGA will be implemented to measure and plot the occupancy of buffers. Circuits will be downloaded into reconfigurable hardware and tested with live, streaming Internet video traffic. The NetFPGA enables to implement highly accurate network monitoring devices. During the tutorial, we will demonstrate how to use NetFPGA for wire-speed monitoring based on CISCO NetFlow technology, which is widely used for accounting, billing, network capacity planning or intrusion detections. An example of FPGA based industrial solution for NetFlow monitoring will be shown on family of COMBO cards.

Franco - Thai Seminar in Pure and Applied Mathematics
Bangkok, Thailand
October 29-31, 2009

The year 2009/2552 marks the 10th anniversary of the cooperation between France and Thailand in research. For this occasion, the French Embassy in Thailand, in partnership with the Thailand Research Fund, the Centre of Excellence in Mathematics in Thailand, and the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, will organize a top-level Seminar on Mathematics this year in Bangkok. This Seminar will take place at L02, Lecture Building, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Bangkok, on 29-31 October 2009; many of the professors coming from France will also wish to extend their stay, and we plan to organize talks for them in various Thai universities. This will also be the opportunity to discuss the organization of the CIMPA research school in Thailand for 2011.

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Date Broadcasted: Sep 09 2010, 14:00 Asia/Bangkok
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Broadcast Table of Contents

14:00 (UTC+07:00)
ASCS 19th: #02 Wireless Networks Security: Last-Hop Wireless
by Gene Tsudik, UCI, USA

15:10 (UTC+07:00)
Research Project: DUMBO Net, intERLab/AIT, Thailand

15:35 (UTC+07:00)
NetFPGA Tutorial in Soul Session II
by Andrew W. Moore, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, UK
and Martin Zadnik, Faculty of Information Technology, BUT, Czech Republic

16:35 (UTC+07:00)
Iterative Approximation to Common Fixed Points For Nonlinear Mappings
(Franco-Thai Seminar in Pure and Applied Mathematics)
by Suantai, Sutep