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APNIC Training: Basic Routing

This workshop focuses on router configuration and configuration of interior and exterior gateway routing protocols. Basic network infrastructure design principles are also presented for understanding and to encourage best practice. The course also includes considerable practical work based on IPv4 as well as IPv6 and IOS router configuration commands.

Biography of instructor:

Nurul Islam Roman- is a Technical Training Officer at APNIC. He looks after the APNIC training lab and is involved in delivering technical training for the APNIC community. He possesses specialized skills in designing and running IPv4/IPv6 routing and switching infrastructure for both service provider and enterprise networks. Prior to his current role he looked after the IP and AS number allocations for the APNIC members. Before joining APNIC Roman has worked in the ISP industry for about ten years in the UK and Bangladesh. Roman graduated from the UK in computer networking technologies.

Status : Completed
Date Broadcasted: Apr 19 2013, 10:00 Asia/Bangkok
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Est. Running time: 125 mins
Broadcast Table of Contents

Basic Routing Workshop
Instructors : Nurul Islam Roman, APNIC

Topic: IPv6 Address Structure