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AIT Lecture: Machine Vision for Robotics and HCI

Machine Vision for Robotics and HCI Course

Course description

Machine vision is concerned with the image processing, geometry, and statistical inference tools necessary for extracting useful information about the world from two-dimensional images. After decades of research, although the most advanced machine vision systems still pale in comparison to the visual systems of the simplest mammals, there have been some success stories.

This course is an advanced survey of the state of the art in machine vision, focused primarily on robotics applications and human-computer interfaces.

The course is a mixture of lectures on fundamentals, student presentations of research from the primary academic literature, and group projects involving application of machine vision technology to real-world problems. The course prepares students to do thesis research in the field.

This is not a basic image processing course. We will briefly cover necessary background for the methods we study in class, but for a complete treatment of image processing you should take existing courses in Mechatronics or RS-GIS.

Status : Completed
Date Broadcasted: Apr 03 2012, 18:00 Asia/Bangkok
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Est. Running time: 120 mins
Broadcast Table of Contents

Machine Vision for Robotic and HCI Course
by Matthew Dailey

18:00 (GMT+7) N-View Reconstruction (2): Metric upgrade and auto-calibration and Resectioning method

18:55 (GMT+7)Principles of machine learning: Classi cation